by Nightshades

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Nightshades are currently touring these works, written between 2016 and 2018, "Human" is a commentary on today's political / social climate, wrapped up in a cohesive, sometimes tongue-and-cheek musical journey.

At times reminiscent of some "Notes in the Dark" era cuts, La Tona takes a fresh and concise approach to illustrating his distaste for today's leaders, our growing obsession with gadgets and our place within a web of tiny stellar specs, flying through space.

There is an influence of Latin rhythms spattered throughout this album, with broad instrumentation and interesting and accessible time signature changes, often times weaving in and out of major and minor chords. With that said, this is a departure from Andrew's heavier past few releases, with a subtle return to his funkier days in his earlier project, Big Stereo. With each song paving the way for the next, this musical odyssey is constantly evolving and should leave the listener wanting more.

Once again, the songwriter displays his unique style with a colourful palette of instrumentation and production techniques, adding for the first time an electronic element in tracks "Power and Prowess" (a clear "f*** you" to American president D. Trump), and "Laniakea Supercluster" (a fun voyage through space, simply reminding us there's more out there in the universe).


released June 18, 2018

All songs written by Andrew La Tona © copyright, 2018
Musical and vocal performances by Andrew La Tona
Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Andrew La Tona in Toronto

Mastered by Andy Wiseman

Cover art and album layout by Andrew La Tona


all rights reserved



Nightshades Toronto, Ontario

Formed in 2018 after the release of "Human", Nightshades are Dave Hurlow (bass), Ray Cara (drums), Dustin Stern (guitar), Jordan Quinn (keys), Andrew La Tona (guitar, vocals)

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Track Name: Leader
Here, we find ourselves
Trapped inside a fate so paramount
And we live for ourselves
With no regard for other animals
Our mother earth is threatening with disaster

We're blind we are
Condemned to live upon the soiled earth
How could we figure out how to reverse
Our plight, our misfortune, our ignorance
Total genocide

You're not the leader we want
Leave or we'll never have peace
The way you speak is absurd
It warps the minds of our young

We - are we not
The ones who need their voices recognized
To ponder on, and toss away your broken system
Who among us will lead the way
Will cast aside
Will stand up and cry

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Borderlines
I want to be free
Free from your borderlines
I need to break the mold
You've always cast for me

And in my mind, there's a place like this
Without your rules - you greed

But, it's up to us to build...

From the ground up the tree grows
And it's fruit is for those
Who need not take part in your
Social experiment
We'll build our own destiny

In a hundred years
They'll look back on us
One again one other
No one loving one another

And in their minds
They'll laugh at a place like this
With all our pain and greed

But, it's 'cause of us that they lived

(Repeat chorus).

(Instrumental break)

(Repeat chorus)
Track Name: At The Top
Coast along
Buy your spot in line
We should have know
We'd be stuck here
Up to our shoulders
They'll find us here

No room
For artists here
You should have sold
Your paints and easel
To afford stocks and bonds (to make that fucking cash)
To pay your fees

Upfront and fall into...
...Luxury, at high speed. Don't you want more still?

Boast among
Your rich yuppy friend
'Bout how you trample on
All those around you
All just to end up
At the top

(Outro / Samba):
And what's left for you?
Is there fore than just the cars - the yacht?
Honestly, I'm not impressed
Baby, nothings cooler than you, my friend
Track Name: Power and Prowess
"Be the champion", that's what you tell yourself
I guess in your mind you are
It's true you shit on 'johns' of gold
You're at least champion of that
So how can you lead the people of today
Forward to tomorrow?

I doubt you know the gravity of your post
I'd say no
There are people out there who want to love
There are people out there who don't want to die
You're not one of us
We should be blessed with human rights
No one should be groped by you
No one should be owned by you
You're in charge of you, big boy
And that's all (And that's all)

Weald that sword in battle, head up to the front line
Bring yourself to 'fess-up to one crime
Let us know who's running the show
You're not the man for the job
Move over, asshole
We can save the world


Misuse, misuse - power
You'll never know the real you
Abuse, abuse - prowess
We'll never vote for you

And there's no excuse
You've been coasting along just fine
You've been close but oh so far
We want you to have your chance
But you're not the right man
So go on...

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: The Walls
Be my keeper
By my side
Keep me warm and safe at night
See me for the man I am
And forgive my falling short of your needs

Bound together that's me and you
Knowing that we'll trip and fall
Knowing that love will push us through
Will take us through...

...A wild ride with twists and turns
Where I'll be there and may defeat
The walls that hold me from being
The man I must be to be beholden to you
To be beholden to you

Air to breathe
Blood to bleed
Water to quench the thirst
And bring to life all that's around you
All who depend...

...On seeing what you'll do today
And how you'll take control of them
The moment I see you
Each day I'm lucky to be beholden to you
To be beholden to you
To be beholden to you
To be beholden to you
Track Name: Laniakea Supercluster
A speck
An insignificant speck
Somewhere lost with other tiny specks

(1st movement):
Somewhere so far
No one can hear us!
Lost in outer space

(2nd movement):
Something so precious
Seems so unique, assuming, we're the only living creatures
But otherwise, we've failed to protect
Our home, Mother Earth

(3rd movement):
[instrumental / harmony]

(Repeat hook)
Track Name: So Long To The Human Race
In a great flash of light,
All we've worked for has gone up in one puff of smoke
And like all puffs of smoke, the end to their lives
Exists sometime after it begins
Can you imagine a fate like ours
Similar to many who came before
Passing the torch from one to another
Leaving behind the soil for another crop

Legacies of our kind
Fair warning

From the first flame, to the first rocket
So little is left of what we blew all our cash on
And burned up all the oil
And killed who we loved
So long to the human race


And there will be others similar to us
But not quite if they hope to stand a chance
And they must co-exist
None of the ignorance that came before
Like greed and fear and war
Can you imagine a race on earth
Getting along and one with the earth

Blasphemies of our kind
Fair warning

(Repeat Chorus)

(Instrumental bridge)

It makes me sick to look upon all we've done
And the little we've done to help
And if I could, I'd eat up all the terrible things we've done
And shit it down your throat

Can't you see that our kind
Is a warning

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: Time Goes Ever By
Written by Andrew La Tona
Look at all the things around
Sitting unused
Wasting all my time

[Time] goes ever by
Turning you into an empty man

Living in a world
Spent upon a screen
Not using my mind

[Mind] goes slowly blank
Turning me into an empty man

Barely doing things
That challenge me
Cluttering my life

[Life] goes quickly by
Turning me into a ball of regret

Everyone around me seems to be
Gripped by the same illness
Never putting down their device

We are living in a world
Spent upon a screen
No using our minds

[Minds] go slowly blank
Turning us into empty minds

Barely doing things
That challenge me
Cluttering our lives

[Life] go quickly by
Turning me into a ball of regret

Everyone around me seems to be
Gripped by the same illness
Never putting down their device
Never looking up from their trance
Never have the time to sow seeds
Never stepping past the bar
Of this jail we're put in
By ourselves and our will
Can we find the strength
To let drop the rock
Upon the screen
And our friends logged on the web

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